#Ponder1 – Oneself

You know, I think  that looking down upon oneself is probably the best moment that can befall us. And when you get multiple chances…grab them..for these moments shouldn’t be let to go. The reason???…well….they make us lose our overconfidence and they make us be little more down to earth..if not forever at least that little time is good enough. Sometimes, these moments accompany jealousy. When you see someone do something better than you did, that jealous feeling tends to make you feel down and you sort of realise that you’re good at absolutely nothing….. Take my case….I mean, I have the ability to write but what the hell is the power of words huh? so far I haven’t noticed it. I play football (soccer to you americans)  but I ain’t the best. I can give speeches but I suck at  coming up with a speech on the spot. I ain’t popular. I totally am not a good joker with my age group though I manage to understand the adult mind (not perverted) and am able to get a good joke in here or there with my elders. With girls I am not at all that great and I’m writing all this in the moment….Maybe later on I will disagree with what I say here but then Hey! It’s true. Plus you know it is true once experience this moment.

So, my fellow reader, never miss a chance to grasp such a moment because if you miss it, you will lose the chance of getting time to stop and think and look at the world around you for what it truly is. It may be harsh…but then that’s what life is. We see what we want to see. But the bare truth is what we should see…if not always..at least sometimes.


One thought on “#Ponder1 – Oneself

  1. mannatkang says:

    you are really good.. (at writing).. and about the joker part of it.. i think people with different intellects understand different stuff.. for example i too barely crack a joke in class.. because i know what i may say might be too smart for someone to understand.. i barely get the jokes others crack..
    plus, i don’t think you’re bad with girls.. you’re very polite.. girls like that..
    By the way good luck with you’re new blog..

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