#Ponder1 – Oneself – Perspective

‘He who is blind – is not he who lacks eyesight – but he who cannot see the world from a different perspective.’ – Arnav Sibal

Alright, the guy named up there is not at all famous – that’s me – but he has the ability to see the world with a different point of view. Did you notice that I was talking about myself in the third person? That is a sort of perspective but a minor one.

To choose a perspective is to choose a value system and, unavoidably, an associated belief system. It is basically going about doing things with different approaches. Just like I said earlier in my previous post on Success and Failure, you got to try and try again. Life is not always one single direction. However, there is no u-turn. Mark Twain famously said: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Why should you have the same viewpoint as a hundred others when yours might be better than their’s? If you’ve read the Bartimeas Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud then you will remember that there are seven levels of vision in case of a jinn or jinnie. So when one jinn sees another one on the first level, they see the form that the other jinn has taken as his identity in the present world. However, upon looking at the jinn on the seventh level – you see its true form. You see it for what it really is. That is perspective. In layman terms – one usually judges a book by its cover but by delving into the world of words that the author has created, we judge it differently. Having different views and thinking over them in hundreds of different ways builds up your reputation as a visionary.

When things do not go according to plan we look upon them as a loss of good time and energy…agreed..but have you decided to think of it in a new perspective? It teaches us what not to do and it closes the wrong roads and brings the probability of picking a good road higher.

A quote by Thomas Edison which has been written and rewritten many times in its common form is: “I tried one thousand times to make a light bulb and succeeded only once. The other 999 times did not fail. I just found 999 ways of how not to make a light bulb.”

So fellow reader, these are the types of viewpoints that differentiates the optimist from the pessimists, the visionaries from those who just remain in their time; finally, the managers from the leaders. Also know that when you put forward your opinion of a situation, do not be depressed by the remarks of the critics – fight for your views until you win them over…or fight until you lose.


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