#Ponder1 – Oneself – Honesty, Dedication and Judgement

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Just before I start, I was recently asked why I start each post of mine with a quote. At the time, I replied that it was just a trademark. Yes, I still agree with my answer but it was not an honest or a thought-out answer so let me answer that question here: A picture may paint a thousand words but a sentence portrays a thousand meanings and that is why I start off with a quote. Like in my previous post: Perspective, it is all about how you interpret your surroundings and the situation. I want to interact with the reader not on a teacher basis but as an intellectual conversing with other intellectuals like yourself, friend.  And there is my answer. For intellectuals, it is not about one single thought or one single view..it is about viewing life in a panoramic view on multiple levels, from multiple angles and hence, I maintain a format to this blog by starting of with a message, bringing about messages in the body and then concluding it all in the manner of my opinion. I am dedicated to this blog and I work on it with utmost honesty – and with that, I begin this post.

Here, honesty and dedication is not to others (that i will cover up in the oncoming chapter of #Ponder2 – Society) but to oneself and one’s work.  Honesty does not only mean being truthful to yourself. It is straightforward conduct. It is being loyal. It is being genuine and honourable. If you do not honour your person, how do you expect others to honour you?  To respect yourself and to uplift your personality is no small thing. It works to mould you into the individual that you are in today’s plastic world. Now you may notice that I tie this strand to individuality. This is because this whole chapter (#Ponder1 –  Oneself) revolves around individuality. To work hard, to dedicate yourself – not half-heartedly – to not only the right but to your successes and your weaknesses requires honesty and commitment – and these are two aspects of an individual. Honesty can also be defined as Individual Integrity. This is because you have to unite your mind, your heart and your soul to become who you want to be and honest work brings honest results. An example is: I play football every morning. Now, the coach tells us to do about 7 – 9 rounds each day before skills, exercise and a practice match. Honestly, I dedicate myself and run 7 odd rounds of the field. Others, however, tend to do 5 and they get away with it. Alright, I admit that one or two of them play better than me but because of this dedication, I am able to see improvement after a fracture which I suffered – which set me back in terms of form. Yes, I make mistakes, sometimes too many and my team-mates get frustrated but there is a certain dedication that I have which the others do not. Plus, this improvement may not have brought me right up to match my team-mates but with time I will get there…everyone will- but success comes for a price – and that’s hard work. And hard work comes from honesty and dedication.

Judgement. I ain’t a big fan of Mahatma Gandhi, certain fellow Indians may relate to my opinion that a certain number of his policies were not right but I am not going into that right now. Anyhow he once said: “A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ uttered to please, or worse, avoid trouble.”    Though this does not entirely give a gist of what I am saying, it does give you the basic term that it is better to judge wisely than to judge half-heartedly. A while back, I read another quote which goes like this: “Good Judgement comes from Good Advice, a lot of which comes from Bad Judgement from Bad advice.” Now this is a quote which sums the term ‘Judgement’ up. A more common quote which is usual said by many teachers is: “Better Safe than Sorry.” or “A stitch in time saves nine.” It is best to evaluate the evidence before taking a decision. Like in Perspective, I said that we usually judge a book by it’s cover but then a chance at reading the first page sometimes changes your mind. Plus, if you judge well – people see you as a leader and perhaps maybe a manager. And again we come back to individuality. We draw close to the end of this first chapter and the next two will conclude #Ponder1.

I will leave you with this question which I will answer in my next blog. What is the difference between a manager and a leader? 

So fellow reader, Be honest – for from honesty comes dedication and also judgement. This is because when you are honest and you work not only hard but also smartly, you get a better sense of judgement. So be honest and commit yourself now or never – for tomorrow may never come and you will be known for not only WHO you were but also for WHAT you did. So if you have started – brilliant – but those who have not, know this – we can not change the past, we can live the present and we can only anticipate the future. Be the maker of your own destiny. Be the person who YOU would want to look up to; by which I do not mean become like a certain film star or something for they are idols – not role models. Most of us find role models around us: In parents, grand-parents, other family members and even friends! But be yourself because everyone else has already been take.


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