#Ponder1 – Oneself – Visions and The Conscience

“Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” – Leo Tolstoy, A Confession
“Conscience is merely another intellectual who always is of the other opinion. Problem is, it lives inside your head.” – Arnav Sibal
“Great Minds do not think alike. If they did, they’d be common men.” – Ishaan Sahai

Right, so the answer to the question I left you all to ponder over may vary but in my opinion, as I am allowed to say so since it is after all my blog, is a manager creates a vision. leader on the other hand,  leads a team to execute a vision. The reason I left you all with that question is because it is a question that relates to this topic. We dream and visualize but not everyone can be classified as a manager. This is because when we define a vision, we have to work to make it possible. No – I ain’t talking about leaders yet. When you create a vision, it doesn’t mean thinking about it and then leaving it aside. It means sticking by it and defending it, as well as fighting for its survival in the world. Then comes the option of becoming a leader or choosing someone to help bring that vision to life.

Now visions are made in the mind – and the mind contains conscience – which tends to dissuade us over and over again. The conscience is the reason why everyone cannot be classified as a manager. The other day, I was watching the movie The Help, based on a book of the same name by Kathryn Stockett. It is about the racial discrimination in Southern USA in the 1960s. There were many laws at that time that encouraged racial discrimination of the African – Americans working as slaves. Now no one, including a white person, could speak or publish anything in favour of equality for the reason that they would be imprisoned. Now one white woman , by the name of Eugenia ‘Skeeter’ Phelan, a recent university graduate wants to show how tough and how bad the life is of a black maid and how they are insulted, abused, discriminated etc. So she sets out, despite her conscience telling her that she could get imprisoned, and tries to get stories from the maids of her friends. At first, the maids are afraid because of the laws and in turn, their conscience, but then they agree and help her. So they show that it is not always good to be held back by conscience. Do what you feel is right – not what your conscience tells you. I sincerely urge you all to watch the movie if you have not.

An example of a Great Manager is Steve Jobs. Round about the late 1970s, he said to his first iMac team that he wanted to make a fold-able computer (laptop) and he not only did that but he also went on to revolutionize the way we perceive technology. He did not believe in difficult or impossible.  He did not believe in conscience as well. He had two opinions of any object:  It’s either ‘shit’ or ‘awesome’.

So, your conscience will tell you the opposite of everything and will force you to think about the object in so many different perspectives that it holds you back.  The extent to which conscience informs moral judgment before an action and whether such moral judgement are or should be based in reason has occasioned debate is infinite. Listen to it, but do not at all be hypnotized by it. This is because your visions will be stalled – what you truly believe in – will not come to life if you let your conscience  hold you back. Of course it is safe to listen to your conscience but it is better to listen to your heart. Some may be of the opinion that the conscience is always right but then that is not possible because right may be what you are doing but your conscience may tell you otherwise. For eg. at a party (say you’re 16 in today’s century) you will decide not to drink or smoke or take up any other bad habit but your conscience may say – do it once, no harm in it! So what do you do?

Can you say that the conscience is always right now?

So, fellow reader, visualize – but do not let your conscience ground you. Do not be your conscience’s puppet. ‘Be who you are because who you are’ is what ‘you believe in’ and you have to create visions to believe in. This will take you on your first step to leadership and then eventually, management. Be not what other’s make you – but what visions you make – and that does not mean inappropriate visions.


6 thoughts on “#Ponder1 – Oneself – Visions and The Conscience

  1. mannatkang says:

    nice article.. by the way ‘The Help’ is an awesome movie.. everyone should watch it.. Its got an important moral behind it and i think you explained part of it pretty well.
    But i got one question here.. Don’t you think it was (the 16 year old kid example’s) conscience which stopped him from drinking in the first place.. had he listened to his heart or friends he might have gone for it..

    P.s I didn’t know you wrote quotes.. and Ishaan’s quote is awesome 🙂 (as always)

  2. choppedsardine says:

    This is gonna turn out to be a really intellectually amazing collection someday. And yes, famous too. Good lucky with that ‘vision’ of yours~
    Also, I have to agree, the quotes are preeeetty awesome X]

  3. arnavsibal says:

    Thanks both of you. Yeah I know that it has an important moral behind it…that’s why I was able too include it in this post. If you didn’t know that i wrote quotes then you didn’t read my post on ‘Perspective’.
    Right, regarding your question, you have seen today’s world. You know the influences derived from songs, videos, movies – just about everything that we read, see and hear. These influences are – in majority – bad influences. So, actually speaking, this is my personal opinion. However, this matter is quite controversial because it entirely depends on the original mindset of the person in question. So, in regard with that and, judging on the basis of the people that form my surroundings, the main mindset (of those with values) is that: “I will not do anything wrong. ” but the conscience (mostly prone to influence) will give you that nudge saying: “Try it once!”

    Nonetheless, mannat, i see your point but in today’s society WHERE are people of the FIRST opinion to try something but are held back by conscience and say it out loud? Definitely not the majority.
    Ishaan’s of course what about mine? Hehe…check out my next post on Ego

  4. choppedsardine says:

    I’d say no matter WHAT you do, your conscience is going to oppose it. It’s basically the factor that lays out all your options in front of you to avoid later regrets and is based upon past experiences and observations~

  5. arnavsibal says:

    Interesting opinion and I take it. Let me counter that. Philip K. Dick once said that ‘The problem with introspection is that it has no end.’ Now I agree with you on the fact that it lays out options and that it always opposes one’s opinion as that is what I say in my own quote but the fact of the matter is it is not until the very last moment that we come to or do not come to regret our decision. But as I say in the post: ‘Some may be of the opinion that the conscience is always right but then that is not possible because right may be what you are doing but your conscience may tell you otherwise.’ So you really never know what lies before you unless you’re in the place of the 16yr old example.

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