#Ponder1 – Oneself – Ego

“Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

“The problem with introspection is that it has no end.” – Philip K. Dick

Ego is basically a person’s sense of their own value. In life, one will come across different types of egos. Sometimes we do not like a person on the basis of his ego and sometimes when we care about people and their egos undergo a change – we worry. Sometimes this worry comes out as anger. But we have to accept people as they are, even though it is somewhat irritating. Now, as ego is the sense of one’s own value, this can be somewhat related to my first blog on Oneself but I will repeat it here in a summarized form. There are usually two types of egos – selflessness and self-centred   (egocentric).

An egocentric or self-centred person is someone who cares only about themselves and not about the feelings of others. We generally call them conceited. Usually when we get into arguments with people on the basis of being selfish – we blurt out that they are egocentric. That is if you have good grammar. Otherwise you end up swearing at them with all the bad words that you know and then end up having fists flying in both directions. Now calling someone egocentric or conceited is not necessarily wrong but it does become wrong when your foundation for such a comment is not valid.                                                                                                An example of an egocentric person would be Garfield. No, not the actor but the world renowned cat.  

A truly selfless person is someone who cares about others more than they care about themselves. They are readily available to help others and be by their side. They can generally be counted on as a good friend. If I was to describe myself I would say that I am selfless but it is touched up with just a hint of conceit. This I say honestly, in my opinion but it is for the general populous to decide the way I put myself forward.

The way a person values themselves always shows. There are those who think very high of themselves and they are generally regarded as boastful and proud. It is easily noticeable as it is the first impression that one gets when you first meet them. Their ego is portrayed in the way they carry themselves.                                                    When someone is rather selfless, they come across as calm, considerate and not very outspoken but gentle in nature.

Valuing yourself is important but not to the point where you go over the edge thinking that you’re a king among nobles. I have said earlier to look down on oneself after regular intervals of time to keep one from being egoistic. Maybe many of you do not agree with me but I think that these moments are the best that can befall you. Overconfidence decreases, the egocentric part of our personality decreases and we kind of take a step back and take a deep breath in the marathon of life.

But never look down on yourself so much that you give up totally. Use this time as relaxing and head-clearing time.

Some people also have alter-egos where they live two different lives – a type of ‘second self’Alter ego is also used to refer to the different behaviors any person may display in certain situations. To clear the term up: Bruce Wayne of Batman has an alter-ego. He is a multi-billionaire as well as the saviour: The Dark Knight. The same goes for Superman, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde – Most comic book characters and protagonists of novels.

So fellow reader, to have an ego is all right but it is the type of ego that really matters. Whether it be in public, at school, at home or in the workspace – your ego is judged by everyone, everywhere. So be careful about how you carry yourself – Class is better than Style. As one of my friends always says: ‘First Impression is the last impression – and – lasting impression.’ 




2 thoughts on “#Ponder1 – Oneself – Ego

  1. mannatkang says:

    you haven’t written on male ego and how sometimes a man’s ego is so prominent that it overcomes his own ego.
    And i didn’t know ego made you selfless too..
    good writeup..
    great going 😉

  2. arnavsibal says:

    Right. You cannot classify egos as gender based. Though there is of course something called Ego Dystonic Sexual Orientation but that has nothing to do with egos based on gender. To support my point: Certain girls like to act like boys – tomboys. So their ego/ the way they carry themselves is similar to the way normal boys do. Then – I do not know how much this is true – but usually male homosexuals (as portrayed by what I have seen on t.v – that’s why I doubt the authenticity) are shown to act in a rather girly manner. So you cannot say that ego is gender based. Sometimes even females can have such a prominent ego that they become sooo proper that they are even afraid of a fly within two feet of them. You know the sort. So that is my argument.
    Plus, this all is my opinion which I also find quite true though many may disagree (for which I have not been able to find a valid argument except silly ones by my conscience).

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