#Ponder2 – Society – Teenagers – Onset of Adolescence

“Every obstacle is a rubik’s cube. All that’s left is to solve it…and if it’s already solved, then you’ve never really lived life.”

“At the crossroads of life, the best looking one isn’t always the best.”

– Arnav Sibal

“Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

Teen to Teen. What could be better? Discussing with others who are currently experiencing the sort of life and the sort of changes that you are currently going through is probably the best way to sort oneself out. If you are not ready to then take these me and my messages as a pen-pal. So if there is anything you wish to get advice on, you can message me. My google+ page is: Arnav Sibal.

So, coming to teenagers; currently 47.9% of the world’s population is composed of teenagers. In today’s world, it can be said that teenagers have the best and the worst of life. On one hand – the technology, the opportunities and the day by day development in all fields of studies creates more chances and better futures. On the other hand, there is the vast range of bad influence – such as child-abuse, rape cases, drinking, under-age driving, smoking, peer pressure, study pressure and lastly – a grave sin that has engulfed the world – uncensored sexual content in movies and pornography.

The time from the age of thirteen to about nineteen, is called adolescence. It is the period in which a person develops from a child into an adult. It is the most crucial period of anyone’s life. The reason being that it is the time in which one’s character takes its final form – so whatever we experience – culminates into our personality. Thus, we as teenagers, derive our character from our surrounding environment. Whatever we see or feel affects our actions now as well as in the future. Child-abuse may cause the victim to make another person suffer just like he/she did because of emotional pain and the conflict of thoughts. There may also be cases in which a teenager affected by sexual content may go on to become a full-time pervert as well as someone who may/ may not prostitute themselves. So in general terms, this period in life sorts us into the three categories of personality: the good, the bad, and the really ugly.

So the basic changes that happen are: physical, emotional conduct and psychological viewpoints. They may sound slightly ugly but everyone goes through puberty.

Right now, I will give you an overview of the changes as I will elaborate as well as go into the depth of these sub-topics.

Physical: There are a lot of physical changes. In females, hips broaden, breasts develop and they start having periods as well as possible acne. In males, deep voices develop, there is growth of genitalia, body hair grows and there also is slight chest development as well as possible acne.

Emotional Conduct: In these terms, it has been scientifically proven that emotionally, females mature faster than males. Female emotional conduct generally revolves around crushes, looks, sexual identity, friendships, popularity, etc. (Note that I am not criticizing or pinpointing anything – this is merely based on observation.) This conduct may be affected by any type of violence she may suffer. In males, their conduct generally encapsulates  mood swings, attraction, sexual arousal, popularity, looks, etc.

Psychological Views: In this context also, females mature faster than males. Psychological views include peer pressure, conscience, attitude towards society, habits, beliefs, etc. This can also be said to include ego development.

With all these changes, there are bound to be problems as well. In today’s society, instead of clearing any queries with their parents, teenagers tend to turn towards the internet and find out for themselves – thus, sometimes learning what should not be learnt at that particular time. This is usually termed: Generation Gap. With peer pressure, smoking, drinking, under-age driving, etc. are massive problems. Those who are not tough enough to hold their ground, usually succumb to the influence of their friends rather than listening to what values that they have been taught. There are many other such problems.

So, fellow reader – here is The Onset Of Adolescence. I hope you agree with me because from here, we shall go into the far depths of these topics and maybe we shall find the answers to our problems.


8 thoughts on “#Ponder2 – Society – Teenagers – Onset of Adolescence

  1. mannatkang says:

    Arnav this is very concise.. i am sorry but you haven’t really explained anything..
    if you are writing about society.. then write about teenagers and society (how they form a part of our society) .. their behavior and attitude towards society… if you are writing only about teenagers.. then you really have to explain a lot more than this…
    i’d rather you would’ve taken a part of the life of teenagers and written on that..

  2. mannatkang says:

    goodjob! 😉 this one is sooo much better..
    Now how about i told you that i have a problem..
    i feel as if i am losing at everything.. (well actually i am..)
    people seem to get better and better everyday.. whereas i sit there and watch..
    everything i participated in this year was an absolute failure..
    now even my health is failing..
    and i am scared i may go into severe depression..

    do you have anything that would help

  3. choppedsardine says:

    I ,frankly, find this post to be very cliche. This has been talked upon, elaborated and stretched out further billions of times. Now what I expect when I read this is something new, some loop hole that hasn’t been discussed up till now. Excluding the quotes (which i liked very much) this piece lacks originality.

    Ps: check out teenink.com
    you’re supposed to submit your work and pray it ends up in the teen ink magazine. I still haven’t made it though.

  4. arnavsibal says:

    Right, thanks for the opinion but as this is a topic that is widely discussed – the introduction will not be very unique – though that is what I strive to achieve. However, I shall go on to explore the different aspects and the problems and their solutions of this topic and those parts WILL definitely be unique

  5. choppedsardine says:

    the one thing i strive for is NOT being a stereotypical teen write. That, and looking professional ofcourse :~

    but keep in mind that the introduction can both entice the reader into dwelling in further or straight away shunning the piece into hopelessness.
    ^heh, that sure sounds all smart assed buddha XD

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