#Ponder2 – Society

In this chapter, I will talk about relations in all forms between an individual and the rest of society.

I will talk about the evolving New Generation Teenagers and their thoughts as well as their relationships whether it be related to family or to girlfriends and boyfriends. I will also talk about the problems that occur and give my viewpoint (on as many issues as I can) on how to resolve them.

To begin with, what is society? It can be defined as people living together in an ordered community or as in the company of other people. Over the years, society has evolved at a fast pace, thanks to technology. From socialising with friends at movies, in playgrounds and bars (older teenagers of the 1970s) to facebooking, society has evolved not by making people closer but by pushing them from the real world to the virtual world. Though we still meet old friends who are now spread across the globe, society is losing its true touch in today’s world.

Society is where there is the bonding of viewpoints and where people connect with one another. Society is what each and every individual is a part of – it is what binds all of us in this world – It is what makes us all equally responsible for the effects that we cause – good or bad.


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