#Ponder2 – Society – Teenagers – Physical Changes

“Define yourself by class. Not by style.” – Anonymous

“If you are beautiful inside you are beautiful outside. There is no vice-versa.” – Arnav Sibal

Right, it has been a long time since I last posted – the reason being that my internet was down. But now I shall get down to the topic at hand.

Of course – this all may appear as a mere write-up – a non – opinionated essay if you please – but the difference is that as a teenager putting his point forward to others, I can describe problems and give solutions with complete understanding on the reader’s part.

Now, physical change does not necessarily mean changes in one’s body by itself but it may also cover  the way teenagers are conscious of their appearance. All these aspects undergo a change during adolescence.

Now it may be argued that it is once puberty sets in and bodily changes, such as that of the reproductive organs, occur does the consciousness of one’s looks become prominent in one’s mind. Now, in my opinion, that’s partly true. It shall become clear as we go along.

Let us start with girls. Now, being a male, it may be difficult for me to pinpoint what exactly goes on in a teenage girl’s mind. Hence, I talked with some of my female friends and have also read up on various studies to be as correct as I possibly can.                                                                                                                   All girls want to be good-looking. That is the undeniable truth. Even boys want to look good so this does not just apply to girls. This sort of outlook goes on for the rest of one’s life. It’s all right to look good. It is important to look good as people usually take to noticing how you dress as well as your posture. It is usually the first impression that one has of the other when two individuals are meeting for the first time. When you dress smart – you’re believed to be proper, when you dress shabbily – people take you as careless, and so on.

So, in females, when adolescence sets in, and the hips broaden, breasts develop, and they start having periods as well as possible acne and such other changes, they become highly conscious of the way they look. Their dressing sense and their looks change. So one wants to be liked by others and not be an outcast of society. Generally, girls want boys to be attracted towards them so they try their best to look good. All girls want to be slim and attractive. They tend to be fidgety and very concerned about their looks and the way in which  others perceive them (This all coming from my friends). Girls love to be in fashion – to have this lipstick or that nail polish or this dress or that skirt or this top or those shoes – they are always on the go.                                  As girls undergo puberty before boys, their maturity in terms of looks and their mindset is slightly superior to that of boys.

In males, as deep voices develop, there is growth of genitalia, body hair grows and there also is slight chest development as well as possible acne, they also begin to worry about their looks. They want to be popular. They want all the girls to love them and all the guys to follow him. Styling their hair, wearing low jeans or torn jeans, having packs, wearing loose shirts etcetera are the types of habits that they take to. In a way, I believe they are concerned about their looks – even if it is not as much as females. Most reasons for looking good are the same. Mainly – Attraction and Accepting.

Attraction of those of the opposite sex and being accepted by peers.

Personally, I find it absurd. For those of you who know me, you will know me to keep a normal hairstyle – the traditional parting. I find it smart and stylish. I prefer shirts and trousers or jeans but that is me.                            The point is: Everyone finds different things stylish.                                                                             Now, being concerned about one’s looks is normal.It goes too far when you get yourself over – involved.Teenage self-esteem is often affected by appearance – or by how teenagers think they look. As they develop, teenagers may compare their bodies with those of their peers. What is the whole point of styling your hair every few minutes or concerning yourself with the criticisms of others and nothing else? This is a fact. My peers are like that. Every time they get the chance, they rush off to the wash room to style their hair. Life is not just about looking good. I find it quite fake. Be yourself. OK, idolize people but do not become like them. Just remain you. Incorporate values. Do not incorporate styles because the best style is being yourself. If one is going to change his/her looks just to get the attention or attraction of someone he/she has a crush on – it’s not worth. Let people love you for who YOU ARE, not for who you CAN BE. May be, you disagree – but that is the point – to debate until we as teenagers find a common solution.

In addition to this, I would like to stress on the fact that many teenagers are not happy with the way their bodies turn out. Here we come back to the fact that teenage self-esteem is affected by appearance. Many compare their bodies to those of their peers. It is a problem – not of a single person but of a lot of teenagers. For those of you who feel like this, I have a single solution: DON’T ALLOW YOURSELVES TO FEEL LIKE THIS. It is futile. You may not be a Tom Cruise or a Scarlett Johansson. So What? You do not need to be. Again, I stress, Be Yourself. God made you to be unique – to be you. Not to be like him or her or anyone. See my quote above. If your personality is beautiful – people will respect you. Do not go by what your friends say right now. There is a whole world out there. The reason I started with the chapter on Oneself is because it is extremely important to define yourself. People in The Big Bad World do not respect you for the clothes you wear or the food you eat or the whether you are very good looking. You are respected for your personality – for who you are. The moment you try to be somebody else – you will stop being respected. People get to know this instantaneously. So do not think that the current opinion of the way you look is the opinion that will be that of the world. But know that the personality that you define now is the opinion that the world out there will be that of the world.

So fellow reader, my conclusion is that physical changes are a part of life. Everyone goes through them – no matter how or when. This all is normal. But stay yourself. There is no need for cosmetic surgery or Botox or whatever surgical treatments there are these days. Yes, look good but do not get over-involved. Stay smart and have class but let that class be unique. Do not worry whether someone is better looking than you or not. If you have a better value system than them, there is no need to worry. Look good but do not look plastic.


2 thoughts on “#Ponder2 – Society – Teenagers – Physical Changes

    1. arnavsibal says:

      Well in fact, I wouldn’t call them hypocritical. But I respect your judgement. I am merely noting down my observations and what I have been told. In addition, I add my opinion. I do not force my reader to agree with me but merely to understand where I am coming from.

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