The Journey We Must All Take

Life’s a journey and I must stress

That there is quite much to say

For you’ll have your airlifts and turbulence

And that’ll mean that you’re on your way


There are calm seas and a fair share of icebergs

If there weren’t – something would be surely wrong

But use that icebreaker in your head

And soon you’ll be moving along


Stretches of well paved roads and the handy pothole to wake you up

I’m not talking of the USA so set your mind and please buck up

You’ll have to step on the gas and sometimes slow a little down

But if you apply the brakes it’s for sure

–  To nowhere you’ll be bound


On pavements you’ll jog and sometimes across the unforgiving road

But don’t go in a circle just run on

For where your heart lies is your home


Your Dreams and Thoughts will be your guides

Yet misleaders they can be

It is up to you to cling to them

But don’t let them cling to thee


Life’s the greatest experience there is

And there is quite a lot to learn

But with Death doesn’t end life as it is

For the soul goes into eternity thereon


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