The Silent Fighter

Today nature bowed as leaves fell to the ground.                                                                                                                                           The sun shone dimly or maybe his greatness shone brighter.                                                                                                                       There was not a cloud in the sky as they had all made way, out of respect, for him to climb up to heaven. Maybe God needed some brilliant legal advice…

This poem is a dedication to my great-grandfather…

He lay there with a peaceful air

Hanging around his person

Mocking the tension of his heirs

Telepathically giving a sermon


The tubes in his mouth and his unconscious state

Did not keep him from saying

That this had been prophesied as his fate

And nothing would work by praying


Hard work and sheer determination

He followed all his life

Despite the weight upon his shoulders

When he had to support five children and a wife


Though tough times he was set up against

And a new life he had to form from scratch

No matter what obstacle you set before him

You could never deviate him from his path


Youth is a luxury, Old age – a privilege

And with ninety eight years worth of wisdom

He used it as his immunity – though time had weathered his movements

Not a bit was out of reach, the world was his kingdom


His story was etched in his skin

Respected by one and all

Even by his opponents who envy him

A legend never to fall


In our minds and in our hearts

His memory shall always live on

But one memory with which I shall never part

Is when he told me to be the ‘Best of All’


And there he lay with a peaceful air

Silently still fighting

Mocking the tension of his heirs

Who on the other hand were crying



2 thoughts on “The Silent Fighter

  1. VK Sibal says:

    It is a brilliant, moving poem. God bless you . Pl also add the lines that you composed on his last journey with you on the day he left us. Dada

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