Life Is A Bed of Roses

‘Life is a bed of roses’

                              ‘No it’s not’

‘Yes it is’


‘Really? You really believe that life is not a bed of roses. Are you really going to give in to the common thought process?’

                              ‘No I shan’t but fact remains that life is not a bed of roses.’


                             ‘Well roses are supposed to be beautiful. They are used as a depiction of love. They have a beautiful scent and  all in all, life is not beautiful and full of love all the time.’

‘That is possibly the worst argument I have ever heard.’

                             ‘Oh for God’s sake     then..go ahead and explain your point. You’re always right aren’t you?’

‘Roses come with thorns. Life has its good times and its bad times. The rose petals being soft are the good times experienced by one.  If you literally lie down on a bed of roses and you feel more petals than thorns, you are either very lucky and very prosperous or you are numb all over. On the other hand if you feel more thorns than petals then it’s just too bad – hard times ahead. Lastly, when you feel an equal number of thorns and petals then your life is well-balanced and I think that this is the best possible life because one learns a lot. On the other hand if you was to live a life full to the brim of good luck then you would never learn how it is to suffer and you would never learn anything – never be able to contribute fully to life. If you get more thorns then hard suffering is all that you ever experience and you feel depressed, suicidal and possibly every painful emotion there is that life has to offer.

The fact remains that when you have a well-balanced life then you understand how to deal with life and its ever inconspicuous thorns. If you live a hunky-dory ‘utopian’ life then you do not know what to do when life tumbles like Lego bricks all around you. In that case you look to others to help you but they will have been long gone by then. 

So life is a bed of roses. I rest my case.’

                             ‘I hate you outright. You know that don’t you?’

‘I’m always right ain’t I?’

                             ‘Oh shut up!’


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