#Ponder2 – Society – Teenagers – Emotional Conduct – Love

“Love is comprised of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.” – Bruce Lee

I decided I’d jump to the topic Love because I was having an interesting chat with a friend of mine on the topic recently. I’ll come back with the introduction but I thought ‘Hey! Most know about emotions just give them a new perspective on Love. So here I am.

The second quote is a personal favourite. Now I start with Love because so many teenagers these days think they know what it is. They don’t really understand the meaning of the words: ‘I Love You.’ They think they do but in reality they do not. They say it whenever they are in a relationship (This is personal observation and I may be wrong about other societies but in mine it is as I have said).

People say Love is inexplicable. You cannot explain it. Well I am going to give it a shot.

So many times we think that when we are in a relationship, we are in love. Well, it is mere affection. Some may have experienced love and I suppose and I have too. Right, so when we are in a relationship we find ourselves drawn to each other and then we hang out a lot, talk a lot and sometimes say ‘I love you’ without actually knowing what those three words, those three syllables mean. To my mind, ‘I Love You’ is a type of vow. The word ‘Love’ is like the word ‘Hate’; they both are strong words. So when you say ‘I Love You’ then you are actually promising the other that you will always adore and be there for him/her. Except this is not like the sentence: ‘I will always have feelings for you.’ for that is not what ‘I Love You’ means and it cannot be followed by a ‘but’ unless you are telling your loved one that you love them but you have to go to another country to work or something like that but that is NOT the point I am trying to make. 

 ‘I Love You’ is a promise. They are words born out of happiness, hate, fear, affection and tears.


Love is a complicated emotion. The word LOVE is an acronym for Lots of Varying Emotions. It is a mixture of all emotions. It hurts and it heals. You never know what it is or how it feels until it actually hits you. It is like I said in my story The Love Letter‘You never truly understand love until you get to know someone but you never know if it is love until you find yourself being nervous around them and then again you never know how to love until you end up spending every second of your life with them’

When you see your loved one, your heart races, you become nervous; you think of so many different scenarios but they never turn out to be that way. When you see him/her you feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy at the sight of them and sad that you can’t be there holding her hand at that very moment because you feel tense. The weird thing about love is that you feel comfortable and nervous at the same time. Love is that inexplicable feeling that comes and stays until you become strong enough to get rid of it. I got rid of it as I gave up after four years. I still care about her though but I have moved on but I guess we all learn to love again.

Love is the mightiest of all emotions. Even the strongest person succumbs to love. You may be as melancholic as Jaques from As You Like It but some time or the other you have to succumb to love. I remember posting on my facebook page:

The room they say is empty is the room that is filled with memories.
The person they say is lonely is the person who misses someone.
The heart they say is hurt is the heart that has loved.
The life they say is boring is the life they found tough.

I like to assume that Jaques’ melancholy was a result of his loving someone once and then his heart was hurt by his loved one.

That is what I take to be Love.


When someone says they have fallen in love at first sight well my first reaction informally is “Bullshit!” but formally: “That’s preposterous old chap!”

You must be like Preposterous? What is wrong with this guy. 

Coming back to the topic at hand, I don’t believe in Love At First Sight because you never know if it is love. It may be infatuation or mere affection. Love takes time. You can’t just say: ‘Oh there’s Megan Fox or there is Scarlett Johansson. I’m in Love!’ and go prancing about in the world of blue skies, luscious green grass and you and her dancing about in a circle with smiles slapped on your faces – or maybe you can. In the world of emoticons I give you a dull face: ‘-_-‘ and in reality a couple of slaps. Well sure they are absolutely beautiful but Love is when you get to know someone really well. Love is a fully bloomed flower which begins as a seed in the ground. I agree with Bruce Lee’s statement on Love. Yes you may be infatuated with Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson but come on! You need to live your life. Maybe you might meet her someday and get a picture or a kiss on the cheek but you cannot live in the world of dreams forever without killing yourself in reality. You’ll find yourself evicted from your apartment lying on the street in a bundle of jackets with a beer bottle and burping: ‘I LOVE HER! SHE’S JUST A PHOTO ON MY WALL BUT I DAMN WELL LOVE HER!’


Love is never like it is in the movies. Never! Maybe in rare cases but it’s not as if you can knock on her door with a Tom Cruise face, playing her favourite song on a guitar and have her rush to you in slow motion.

Love takes time and you got to understand that. I believe in college and high-school sweet hearts. Lee Evans, a brilliant comedian married his high-school sweetheart if I remember correctly but Love is never at first sight. If it is at first sight and lasts, that is infatuation. So the point I’m trying to make is you cannot throw around the words ‘I Love You’ just like that. You have to know that it represents the most exquisite emotion known to man. As a teenager you will definitely experience affection as a result of hormones and puberty but Love is something you will experience rarely at this stage. I have experienced it. It is a brilliant but painful emotion. 

I do not expect you to agree with me but I do hope you understand where I am coming from. In the end I have two statements to make.

1. Love should be feared for Love is strong, merciless and merciful at the same time.

2. And last but not the least Love is like Lego..it takes time to build and after lasting some time..hard to break apart

Sure smash the Lego Heart against the wall for all I care but pieces are going to remain stuck together. That is the undeniable truth.


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