A Shut Heart

She stood outside in the snow

The blizzard biting at her coat

She stood there pleading desperately

Or so that is what I believed

For it had been a long long chase

And as I looked over her distant face

I thought I saw the pain I’d once known

But now I was numb to the bone


I remember stumbling over mounts

Ah! The numerous stories I could recount

I remember wading and swimming across rivers

But despite my appeals, she would never come hither

I would pick her up every time she would fall

But then she’d run off while I would just crawl

She would block my ways but I’d pursue

After brief hesitation, my step I’d renew


I lost sight of you as you were replaced

By someone with a different persona but same face

So I abandoned my chase and left it all behind

Until there you appeared, again before my eyes

And I merely stared through a window of my heart

I wasn’t about to open the door, I wasn’t about to start

So I just gazed into your eyes as you shivered on

Then drew the curtains –

Hoping that when I’d open them you’d be gone


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