I crept along the rocky shores
Just searching for a sign
But the charcoal painted scene
Left no room for outlines

I stumbled – mind wavered
I havered – skin broke
Sweat dripped – veins bulged
I called – never spoke

The foamy water lapped
As my bare feet eroded
Like the stones that caressed the beach
And my emotions floated

I craved – didn’t cave
Soft sand but sharp
Blood flowed – a volcano
Erupted in the dark

And as I slowly closed my eyes
Worn out to a shell
A spark out of nowhere
Cast a wide range of spell

I squinted – I hinted
Saw lights – night broke
Cut open – a slice
Smiled – but choked

And I know those little lights
Shine everywhere
They need not be lighthouse big
Matchsticks do quite fair

Each of us has a lighter
Just look around
There are little lights shining
Don’t worry you’ll be found


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