Cloaked Orange

When first I encountered the gallant being

Rampant in orange gold

I stood, shell shocked – intimidated

Yet he was humble in his own


The days grew slowly older

Life kept pressing strong

The cloaked orange lion never gave

And in defiance yawned


My admiration multiplied tenfold

As I got to know him the better

His story was music to my ears

And his friendship was shelter


For nine I lived with this being

Humble, gentle and fierce

And as words passed to and fro

My heart did he pierce


There was something about this lion here

Soft – A Hope provider

Who inspired and motivated others

With presence and a heart afire


A powerful personality

So individual

That his was a rhyme unto himself

Cloaked Orange. Cloaked Orange.


The days can grow older

And weaker may turn my mold

But there is one thing that is for sure

His memory I Will Uphold.


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