#Update 9

After a rather hectic year, I have finally managed to find myself unburdened. My parents would recount my current routine as being one dominated by sleep and lazing about, a fact I will admit. Nonetheless, I have spent a great time reading, watching, and listening to all the common sense and nonsense that make up today’s conversations. As far as speaking and writing go, I have not done much.

For many months, tremors of pain have rumbled across the world. Warsan Shire said it best:

Atlas | Warsan Shire

While I try to comment creatively, it seems I lose my point, and ultimately, impact and understanding.

This does not mean I will cease my creative commentary. My writings are the manifestations of my observations. My poetry, short stories, and tapestries will always engage my experiences (active and passive) of the world.

However, I have decided to make my tapestries more blunt. There is a time for creativity, and a time for brutal honesty. Yes, both can work together really well. John Oliver does it. And yes, I will try to retain the creative outburst of my tapestries, but in order to refine them, I must take on this challenge.

I will do my best to present a thoroughly-considered point of view. It will take time, practice, and hopefully from you, dear reader, constructive criticism.





One thought on “#Update 9

  1. thoughtsunabridged says:

    Hey I just discovered your blog and I can kind of relate. If there is an issue I’m passionate about, I need to calm down before I can express myself creatively to best explain my view. 🙂

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