Stolen Dance

We were stolen of a dance,

By an unknown power,

And weren’t given the chance,

To dodge and counter.

I’ll remember our foxtrots,

Across the wooden floor,

And God will be wrought,

When I come calling at his door.


You weren’t a good boy,

You were a gorgeous being,

And I’ll never forget you,

As long as I am breathing.

My arms feel empty,

And my soul badly worn,

You carried me,

But I couldn’t break your fall.


There’s a reason that dog,

Is spelled god backwards.

But you don’t realise it,

Until you put it in perspective.

You were a wise one, Sage.

You were a crazy little fella’

You had a heart so pure,

Even nature bowed before you.


The wind blew strong today,

But I was the one howling,

You barely even barked,

Because your presence had feeling.

Your ears were so big,

You could hear what I didn’t say.

Your eyes were so sharp,

You knew what I hid away.


Hey, little brother,

You were young, naïve,

But you were otherworldly,

I do truly believe.

I hope that you’re someplace,

Gambolling about,

With your comical expressions,

That light the world all around.


Maybe this is a long bad dream,

That you’ll wake me up from,

Licking my nose,

Looking at me like:

“What’s the problem?”

You went too soon,

And you taught me so much.

Come on now, just pitter-patter in,

The door is open, bud.


I’ll overthrow God for you.

I promise you I will.

And we’ll meet again someday,

Chasing towels in the field.

The Most Beautiful Soul in the World




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