The Dustmen

Early as usual,

They arrived;

They got to work,

Dressed in bright yellow,

Aware they could not stir a perk.



They poised;

They swept the streets,

Bagging all the trash,

And discounted treasures in a heap.


Changing up the pace,

The sky having set,

They brought out their wares,

And conducted a vet.


Shakers of stardust,

Cigarettes of shade,

Vials of velvet,

Moonshine marinade.

Firefly flashlights,

Cotton of the cloud,

Honey badger brownies,

Nightcaps with a shroud.


Their stocks were vast,

But time was little.

The hourglass sand,

Saw their spell being whittled.


So they sold their wares,

To all their quiet clients,

Who now settled gaily,

Into the resting silence.


Santiago wondered,

If a star was an easy fight.

George lassoed the moon,

And Béatrice felt like a child.


Beasts found poets,

Within themselves,

While noble men found darkness,

They never thought dwelled.


Then the sand settled.

The yellow-coats dusted up.

They stretched their arms,

And quickly packed up.


Not a soul saw them come,

And not a soul saw them go.

They’d attended to the world,

As was their nightly role.


The streets were now empty,

Save for the lemon rays.

The next shift was due,

To arrive with Serge and Jane.


In bright yellow,

They’d arrive – dutiful.

Without causing a stir,

As usual.



5 thoughts on “The Dustmen

  1. Dad says:

    Very layered…. Needs to be understood in light of Gainsborough and Hemingway….i read it twice and discovered something new in each read….

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