Look at What We Built

“Are you stable?”

The living room

Turns into an interview room

The pack has pulled in its prey

And it’s ready to attack

Aunts and Uncles

Asking why I’m not turning green

Like my friends around me

And some nephew of theirs

I’d never meet


“Are you set?”

Like the concrete is

Of the Indian metropolis

The car horns, smog, sweat – it’s crying

Can’t you hear it as it’s dying?

Never mind, emergency services

Won’t get there in time

It’s choking on its rigidity

As politicians snort

Their blinded voter lines


“Are you steady?”

They think they know

A writer’s figures are oh so low

The pack has tightened its vice

And it’s ready to advise

With my skill

At best there’s a column in a paper

I can write

It pays okay

And I should be all right


But they’ve stifled a country

At best I can create a world

And if down the road they

Say: “Look at what we built!”

I will ask them why they’re turning green

When they’d turned me blue

Spitting in yellow

“Beta, we won’t say this

Straight to you,

So here’s a lakh of different ways

To say,

You’re pretty much doomed.”


“Otherwise are you happy?”

I sigh and let them have their say

I don’t want to be the bigger man

And I cannot wait for the day

When I’ll turn around and laugh

With a heart full of boom

Raising a glass to the time

I felt so alive

In that goddamn living room.



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